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A fundamental change within public transport has started. 


We can build and manage the charging stations needed for an integrated system

Long term

Operators can rely on a cost-efficient charging solution for electric buses.


Fundamental Change for Public Transport

Policy makers of various countries are focusing on developing public transit infrastructure with no or low pollution to tackle the air pollutant emissions. The developed countries are replacing their existing diesel and CNG public transit with zero emission buses. All over the world a surge in urbanization, along with lower operating cost of electric buses is now propelling the growth of sustainable transport everywhere. 


Electristructure is established to take the lead in providing charging stations for electric buses to serve the public transportation. Electrifying the public transportation will help reducing emissions generated by regular combustion engine buses to have better environment and cleaner cities. 

Electristructure will cooperate with PTAs, cities, and operators to find the best solution for each city to electrify the public transport with planning, processes, and procedures. We will provide bus operators with a cost-efficient solution for the charging infrastructure and help them plan , setup and manage a smart system.  

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